Kevin Homecoming


"Although imperfect, American institutions still set the standard for supporting ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’ We need to reform them, not tear them down.

‘Restore American Institutions’ means bringing conservative values back into public life, ensuring access to critical services, including healthcare and social security, and protecting the freedoms of ordinary Americans. Kevin’s plan includes:

-Defending the American family

-Ensuring the integrity of our elections

-Investigating and prosecuting voter fraud

-Supporting our law enforcement officers

-Securing our borders

-Improving Medicare and Medicaid

-Letting people choose their own doctors and healthcare plans

-Safeguarding insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions

-Expanding access to mental health, anti-addiction, and counseling services

-Protecting Social Security

-Making our justice system fair for all citizens

-Guaranteeing religious freedom without fear of retribution

-Curbing the power of tech companies to restrict the free flow of information

-Defending working men and women against Big Business and Big Labor

-Checking the power of Wall Street against small investors

-Enforcing fair trade

-Ensuring access to quality education for all Americans

-Controlling foreign intelligence agencies so they never again spy on U.S. citizens

We can fix American institutions by democratizing their leadership, holding them accountable, and getting back to basics. In other words, we need people with good sense leading our governments, businesses, schools, and civic organizations.”

-Kevin Dellicker