"We must invest in the productive capacity of the American worker.

‘Rebuild American Infrastructure’ means increasing our economic competitiveness, manufacturing products right here at home, and undertaking critical projects that improve our quality of life. Kevin’s plan includes:

-Building new roads, bridges, airports, and seaports

-Deploying 5G, satellite and broadband networks

-Bridging the digital divide

-Improving parks and outdoor recreation

-Incentivizing domestic production of essential goods and services

-Having a responsible energy infrastructure with new pipelines and powerplants

-Upgrading electrical grids with more capacity, better reliability, and safer service

-Fixing broken sewers

-Cleaning up hazardous waste sites

-Eradicating lead from our drinking water

We must prioritize critical environmental projects in our most vulnerable communities. We should not build one more windmill in Texas until we remove all the asbestos in Allentown schools.”

– Kevin Dellicker