"We face many foreign challenges, but none are as dangerous as the Communist Party of China.

‘Defend American Freedom’ means protecting our interests without getting mired in other people’s problems, supporting our troops and first responders, and preventing China from becoming a belligerent superpower. Kevin’s plan includes:

-Having a clear and appropriate mission every time our troops are deployed

-Bringing our fighting men and women home promptly when the job is done

-Treating our National Guard soldiers and airmen with respect

-Taking care of veterans and military families

-Preserving the ideal of the 'citizen-soldier'

-Identifying the Communist Party of China (CPC) as our most dangerous threat

-Countering the CPC’s plans to spread its repressive ideology worldwide

-Establishing new partnerships among free nations

-Retooling our military for high-tech adversaries

-Improving our space and cyber capabilities

As a humble and altruistic nation, we must exercise great patience and restraint in the use of military power. But we must be prepared to deliver overwhelmingly destructive force when required.”

– Kevin Dellicker