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Kevin Dellicker is a graduate of Northwestern Lehigh School District and resident of Lehigh County for 35 years. He lives in Heidelberg Township with his wife Susan, a high school teacher, and their three sons.

In most ways, Kevin's a pretty ordinary guy. He likes hunting and fishing and long hikes in the woods. He's a huge Phillies fan and has season tickets to the Iron Pigs. Kevin loves Lehigh Valley wrestling. He counts birds at his feeders. He tells "dad jokes."

Kevin's also an extraordinary leader. He's owned his own business since 2005, and led $275 million in technology infrastructure projects to bridge the digital divide. He's deployed four times in support of the Global War on Terrorism, and traveled to 30 countries, including Russia and China. He worked as environmental policy advisor to the New York State Senate, and economic policy advisor to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge. While doing all that, he still made time to serve two terms on church council, coach 20 seasons of youth sports, and volunteer for dozens of community roles.

Simply put, Kevin's an ordinary guy with an extraordinary background. And that's exactly the type of leader we need in Washington.

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25: years of uniformed service in the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force, with four combat-zone deployments​ as a PA National Guardsman

21: years of marriage to Susan, a talented teacher, business partner, public speaker, community volunteer, and author

20: seasons as a youth coach in wrestling, baseball, and soccer, plus numerous church and community leadership positions

16: years of business experience as founder, owner, and CEO of Dellicker Strategies LLC., a successful technology company

8: years of government experience as economic and environmental policy advisor in Pennsylvania and New York

5: academic degrees- history, public administration, military science, environmental resource management, and divinity (December 2021)


3: sons- 20 (Grove City College), 19 (Grove City College), and 16 (Northwestern Lehigh High School)

1: book- Co-author with Susan Dellicker: "Twenty Percent Soldiers: Our Secret Life in the National Guard"

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To serve my country, defend our way of life, and protect the vulnerable.

"If there’s one word that best defines America, it's 'freedom.'

We founded our nation to establish freedom. We shed our own blood to expand freedom. And we fought foreign wars to defend freedom. With the blessing of God, we’ve used our freedom to build the most prosperous and charitable nation in history. 

But today, America is headed in the wrong direction. Instead of making our own decisions, we’re letting others tell us what to do. Instead of defending the Constitution, we’re apologizing for it. And instead of thanking God, we’re trying to hide Him from public view. It’s no wonder we are experiencing strife and fear. 

Within the framework of our Constitution, freedom brings out the best in all of us. It builds trust in our institutions, helps innovators solve problems, and encourages people to care for each other. We must cherish and defend it.

Ronald Reagan once said, 'Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.' I’m not going to let it perish on my watch.

That’s why I’m exploring a run for Congress."

-Kevin Dellicker

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We need to do more to meet the unique challenges of part-time military service.

Kevin and Susan have known each other for more than 23 years. During that time, Kevin's been on some kind of military status for about 20 percent of their life together, all as a part-time soldier and airman in the Pennsylvania National Guard.

When Kevin goes away for training or real world missions, Susan is home alone. It's been the same story for millions of military families throughout human history. That doesn't make it any easier.

In the United States, military members are blessed by an amazing network of family, friends and neighbors who look after the troops and their families. They also enjoy an extensive family support infrastructure at major military installations across the country and around the world.

But that infrastructure is not always accessible to the Guard and Reserves. Since many reservists live far away from big military bases, important services are out of reach. And since the various service components don't always coordinate well with each other, even nearby resources are not necessarily available. For example, an Air Force spouse who needs help in Allentown has no good way to receive Army services at the local armory.

This needs to change. Part-time servicemen and women train and fight right alongside the active duty, and they perform vital domestic duties to keep the peace and relieve human suffering. They deserve the same access to quality family support services as the active duty. 

To learn more about life in the National Guard and find out about the unique family support challenges of part-time military service, check out Susan and Kevin's new book on the subject: Twenty Percent Soldiers: Our Secret Life in the National Guard. It's available at national booksellers everywhere.

All proceeds are donated to charities supporting military veterans and their families.


"Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face continually."
-Psalm 105:4 NASB

"I am a follower of Jesus. My faith in God is the most important thing I have.
As a Congressman, I will fight to preserve religious freedom for all people.
As a Christian, I will submit humbly to the Lord and seek His guidance always." -Kevin



"Politics is a serious business.

But we can still have a positive attitude and sense of humor as we go about defeating misguided policies and keeping America free." -Kevin

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"I understand that people are angry- sick of being cooped up at home, mad about the election, worried about their jobs, and concerned about our country. Many of us have experienced terrible tragedy this past year.

But not all opponents are enemies, and our divisions might not be as great as they seem. If I decide to run, I will strive to be nice to people, even when I disagree on policy." -Kevin